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Portable CNC cutting Machine

P series is affordable for all enterprises and workshops. Lightweight design and small size and easy to move. It is usable both indoors and outdoors. 


Heavy gantry HD plasma cutting machine

The most economical high-definition plasma cutting solution for thickness ≥ 30mm / Verticality:≤3°.  CUT300/400-HD HD plasma cutter(China) & G-ALHD4000 gantry cutting machine.

Our latest favourites

Handheld Cutting Torch

The portable rescue outfit is the perfect equipment for fire department, search and rescue, military use and other rescue applications. It is light and portable, safe and easy to use.
It takes 2 minutes to force an anti-intrusion door; 7 seconds to cut off a 20mmX20mm steel bar; 1 minute to cut the 6 points fixing the safety grid of a window.

Oxy-Gasoline Rescue-Outfit Handheld Cutting Torch


Portable Gantry D3

It support CNC Oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting. Max cutting range :2500mm x 9000mm/Hole cutting and sharp cutting/ Optional: pipe cutting. SteelTailor third-generation portable gantry , more cheaper and reliable.

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