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What affect CNC table plasma cutting machine cutting ability?

table plasma cutting machine

What affect CNC table plasma cutting machine cutting ability?

  1. CNC table plasma cutting machine mechanical structure design.The ┬árigidity of the crossbeam determines the stability and running speed of table plasma cutting machine.The rigidity of “Integral beamstructure”plasma cutting machine is higher than split beam structure CNC plasma cutting machine.So the whole beam CNC cutting machine running stability and cutting precision is higher
  2. The rigidity of CNC plasma cutting machine cross beam guide also affects the cutting accuracy.The high rigidity T type guide rail is better than the I-beam rail.So the T type guide rail can effectively improve the cutting accuracy.
  3. The cable of table plasma cutting machine should be as short as possible to reduce the attenuation of the plasma signal.Improve the cutting quality and cutting speed.
  4. CNC plasma cutting machine controller.Plasma cutting machine controller will directly affect plasma cutting machine cutting ability.CNC cutting machine controller not only needs a high degree of specialization, powerful and practical, stable operation, easy operation.But also equipped with expert database, which can automatically provide the operator with the best operating parameters and programs.
  5. The plasma cutter ability.The plasma power source determines the cutting ability and speed of CNC plasma cutting machine.
  6. Choose the best CNC plasma cutting machine integration scheme. Organize all the system in the best way. CNC cutting machine will cut the best sample for you!

SteelTailor LegendB5II CNC table plasma cutting machine with high stability crossbeam ,good controller. B5II CNC plasma cutting machine is both a plasma cutting machine and a CNC marking machine.



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