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40% lower than the price of same quality plasma!

      Beijing ESS Ltd.. is one of the professional plasma cutter manufacturers, professional in production and R&D, specialized in global marketing, training and technical service of plasma cutting technology. At present, its product line contains AngelBlade A (Advanced) series high quality plasma cutting systems and AngeBlade E (Economical) series air plasma cutter that was launched to market in 2014. After comparison test lasting for half a year, AngelBlade A series was testified to be as good as or ever better than H brand in cutting quality, piercing capability, duty cycle, running speed of quality cut and loss of consumables. The data of comparison test was also confirmed by the major OEM plasma producer of Beijing ESS Ltd..

      Beijing ESS Ltd.. was one of the  recognized plasma cutter manufacturers of air plasma cutter, enjoying 14 years of history. In the year of 2005 and 2008, it got the ISO9001 quality system certification and the environment management system (ISO14001:2004) certification respectively.

      After capital restructuring in 2012, Beijing ESS Ltd.. and its brand of AngelBlade air plasma cutter became the independent sector from the whole business of welding power supply. Three years of R&D and innovation since then, AngelBlade has been standing out with its reliable cutting quality. What’s more, the 50% lower than the cost of similar consumables will make AngelBlade more competitive and attractive.

Technology from Europe Space Agency, Reliable Cutting!

      With half cost and good cutting quality, Beijing ESS Ltd.. plasma cutter manufacturers can offer you an economical and intelligent air plasma cutter. The core technology of AngelBlade is from Europe. After strict cutting test under various conditions,AngelBlade enables a stable cutting quality even in unfavorable working conditions. Its powerful intelligent control system and editable database of cutting process provide distinguish and extended functions over other brands.

Distributor Wanted

AngelBlade sticks to OEM and channel distributing policies, promising to protect the channel in selling consumables. To achieve win-win situation and protect the interests of distributors and end users as far as possible, AngelBlade promises not to sell products or make quotation to end users. Meanwhile, AngelBlade pays highly attention to brand and reputation, only choosing the partners who share the same values and have good service attitude & capability so as to protect users’ interests and brand reputation.

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R & D center

In scientific testing lab and top-class modern plant, Dayo Internation Ltd. strictly complies with ISO quality management system for production.

Quality Certification

2013.03 2nd Price at National Vocational Skill Competition   
2013.11 CE Certificate of IGBT Plasma(AngelBlade A Series)
2014.02 Certificate of High-tech Enterprise 
2014.04 Certificate of Safety Production Standard 
2014.08 3rd Price of Good Management Team at 2014 National Machinery Industry
2014.11 ISO9001 Quality System Certification
2015.01 CE Certificate of IGBT Plasma(AngelBlade E Serise)
2015.02 ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification -- under application 


History and Events

2012.03 Recombine and set up Dayo International Ltd.; Launch AngelBlade A series plasma cutting systems
2014.01 Launch AngelBlade E series air plasma cutter
2014.02 Finish comparison test between AngelBlade A series and H PM series; Start homogeneous low price competition globally.

OEM partners of AngelBlade receive the letter of terminating business from H brand; 

AngelBlade suffers global crackdown from H brand.

2014.12 Get ISO9001 quality system certification
2015.02 ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification -- under application


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