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E Series Air Plasma Cutter
Handheld Cutting
AngelBlade E series air plasma cutters may be the first low cost air plasma cutter acquired complete intellectual property rights. It would not interfere with any arc voltage THC. What is more, the swirl ring technology applied by AngelBlade E series could remarkably improve the cutting quality and piercing thickness.The favorable price and low-loss consumables will make your purchase cost reduced substantially.

Technical Parameters

Model AngelBlade 30E AngelBlade 40E AngelBlade 50E
Input Voltage Single Phase 110/220V 50/60Hz
Rated Input Capacity 3.5KVA 4.8KVA 6.3KVA
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Rated No-Load Voltage 200V
Output Current (Range) 15-30A 15-40A 15-50A


(Carbon Steel)

12mm 15mm 18mm
Plasma Gas Compressed Air
Gas Pressure 0.2-0.5Mpa
Torch Cooling Gas Cooling
Plasma Cooling Air Cooling



Next Weight 12kg 16kg 18kg

Technical Advantages

1.IGBT advance inverter and PFC,dual voltage control technology.

2.Single phase power supply,automatic switch 110/220V (optional function).

3.Lower input current and save energy,high power factor.

4.HF or HV pilot arc start (or without HF).

5.2T/4T control function (auto/standard).

6.(Continuous) pilot arc.New stlye panel design.

7.Cutting current display with LED digital.

8.Gas pressure sensor inside and display;No pressure air protection funtion and EU standard torch connector.

9.3m+ welding cable earth clamp;4m plasma cutting torch and complete accessories.

10.Over heating and current protection.

11.HFD series for 110/220V dual voltage and HF for 220V voltage.

12.Regulate and show the air pressure on the front panel.

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