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Warranty Information


Guarantee for AngelBlade Plasma Power Source

      Beijing ESS Ltd.. Guarantees that the delivered AngelBlade plasma is fully operative and free of defects, as stated in the Certificate.

      Under normal utilization as described in the user manual, Dayo Interntional Ltd. offers 36 months warranty for plasma power source and 12 months for torch, starting from the first day of reception, to replace or repair any defective parts of AngelBlade plasma.

      All shipping and handling charges due to above repair and/or replacement of parts will be paid by the buyers. Beijing ESS Ltd.. is responsible for repairing it.

      In case that AngelBlade plasma power as defective is sent back to Beijing ESS Ltd.., but it is proved to have good functions after test, all the shipping and handling charges will be paid by the buyer. In this case, Beijing ESS Ltd.. reserves the right to claim the cost for the intervention.

The following are excluded from the guarantee:

Consumables for handheld or mechanized torch (shield, retaining cap, nozzle, electrode and swirl ring)

1、All damages caused by maintenance that is not referring to the user manual

2、All damages caused by an improper or other use as stated in the user manual

3、All damages caused by an improper storage and transportation

4、If AngelBlade plasma is opened without written authorization from Beijing ESS Ltd..

5、If the components used are not standard of AngelBlade plasma, or not authorized by Beijing ESS Ltd..

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