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How to deal with CNC plasma cutting machine pollution?

table plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine is widely used in industry. Plasma cutting machine pollution is affect people’s life.How to deal with CNC cutting machine pollution?

There are two common kinds of pollution of CNC plasma cutting machine.One is high frequency plasma power source pollution ,the other is noise produced by table plasma cutting machine.

1.CNC plasma cutting machine noise pollution.

CNC table plasma cutting machine noise pollution mainly refers to the aerodynamic noise produced by plasma spraying and cutting.Most of these noises are over 100db. There are many kinds of ways to prevent the noise. The most economical way is use the sound-absorbing materials.The noise in CNC cutting machine workshop is mainly reflected sound.Therefore, sound-absorbing materials should be arranged on the walls of the workshop under the conditions permitted. The noise can be reduced to about 30db.

2.CNC plasma cutting machine high frequency pollution.

CNC cutting machine high frequency electromagnetic arc formed by plasma cutters will form radiation pollution. The similar radiation is generated by the application of argon arc CNC cutting  and CNC plasma cutting machine.The intensity of high frequency electromagnetic radiation depends on the output power of high frequency equipment.Thhe distance of high frequency oscillator.The shielding of equipment and transmission line.The mainly way to control high frequency pollution is based on ground wire connection. Ensure the good grounding of the workpiece.At the same time, we should keep ventilation and temperature control in CNC plasma cutting machine factory. The humidity should be also controlled.

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