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More detailed information about CNC plasma cutting machine.

table plasma cutting machine

Table CNC plasma cutting machine is the leader in advertisement, sheet metal processing and so on.As we all know, CNC plasma cutting machine must match with plasma cutter when cutting metals.Different plasma cutting machine need different plasma power source.The common plasma power source is broadly divided into the following three types:

  1. Normal plasma cutters. Its cutting cross section oblique mouth at 3-6 degrees. The accuracy can basically meet the needs of ordinary users.
  2. High definition CNC plasma cutting machine plasma cutters.It’s accuracy is higher than ordinary plasma cutters.
  3. Laser plasma power supply.The precision of this kind of plasma power is between high definition plasma cutter and laser.

Users buy CNC table plasma cutting machine should according to their own cutting requirements.

Following is the choosing methods.

  1. Table CNC plasma cutting machine cutting thickness is between 0.2-3mm which is the best. It is widely used for advertising,stainless steel and galvanized plate.
  2. Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine cutting thickness is between 3-40mm whihch is the best. The plate width above 2.4m.
  3. If need high cutting precision, we should choose laser cutting machine.

Cnc plasma cutting machine is cheaper than laser cutting machine. So when we buy plasma cutting machine, we should know our cutting needs.

SteelTailor LegendB5II CNC plasma cutting machine is an powerful CNC table plasma cutting machine.


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