Check device manual for checking ARC Voltage THC

SteelTailor THC check device

1. Summary of THC Check Device #

Plasma CNC cutting machine with arc voltage height control(THC) can work properly when connect the CNC cutting machine and plasma cutter well and the relative cables, wires and parts remain good condition. But when the arc voltage height control system (THC) doesn’t work properly, it is hard to tell where the problem lies.
This check device is specially used for diagnosing and checking the arc voltage height control system. Follow the instructions of this manual, we can trouble shoot the problem fast and fix the problem.
The check device can simulate ARC signal of a plasma power source, and test cable which connects to the THC box. It can also test the output signal (start) and input signal (finish) from CNC to plasma cutter. This help to check ignition function and arc voltage feedback function problems. Using the accessory cables we can check the whole arc voltage height control system(THC), ignition function and arc voltage feedback function, thus to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

2. Introduction of all parts of the device: #

Connection cable for the tool: when ensure the arc voltage height control (THC) has problem, we use this check device to distinguish that whether the problem lies in THC or the cutting body. We use this cable to connect the CNC plasma cutting machine with the check device to check whether the signal of each pin in this cable is normal or not.

3. Usage: #

3.1Check the ARC voltage THC: #

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