2. D III-D3 Gantry CNC Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Dragon III portable gantry CNC cutting machine Technical Parameters #

TypeDragon III
Input Voltage220V/110V
Frequency60/50 Hz
Input Power210 W
DisplayLCD 7 ˝color screen controller (remote control is optional)
Effective Cutting RangeStandard Specification 3000X2500 mm;6000X2500 mm
Maximum Running Speed8000 mm/min
Dimension of Whole Machine2500*3000 mm 3300×3510(mm);2500*6000 mm 3300×6510(mm)
Cutting SpeedPlasma Cutting:(0~6000)mm/min (set up the optimal cutting speed according to the recommending value of the plasma power)
Repeatability 0.2 mm
Cutting Thickness Oxy-fuel: ≤ 150mm
 Plasma:  Depend on the plasma power
Crossbeam Driving WayDual Drive
Torch Lifting Range145 mm
Cutting ModePlasma/oxy-fuel
Torch Electric Lifting and THCPlasma AVTHC (standard)
 Electric lifting in oxygen mode ( oxygen THC is optional)
SoftwareFastCAM standard version

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