SteelTailor CNC Cutting Machine Trouble Shooting 01

01 How are the FAST CAM programs uploaded to the CNC cutting machine? #

Concerning Fast CAM, the CNC cutting drawings are made on a PC, using a CAD program (which can saved as .dxf, as AUTOCAD by example) then using Fast CAM loaded on the same PC translate in a CNC cutting program. This one is saving on a memory stick and loaded into SteelTailor via the USB port. Another way is, use Fast CAM directly to make the drawings, then translate in a cutting program with the G and M codes and to save it in the memory stick, then plug in the USB port of SteelTailor.

02 For the FastCAM software On installation it asks us to choose the control type? #

The list is :-Burny 3 5 10,Edge EIA,ESSI,Fagor,Lynx EIA,START,KangPu,Koike,FastCNC
When you use the SteelTailor machine, Please choose “START”.

03 How does the programming work on CNC cutting machine? #

You made the drawing of the part to be cut with the FastCAM cutting nesting software, After you setting the Fast Path, this drawing is automatically translated in a cutting program. Or if you are using AutoCAD, you made the drawing with the CAD software; you process it with FastCAM to have a cutting program. As well, if you want to cut several time the same shape from the same metal sheet, the cutting software has the nesting facility.

04 If MTC cutting nesting software expired and can`t upgrade, how to solve? #

  1. New loading address Download NestMaster 2 Nesting System (Hasp)load new version of MTC install program;
  2. Running C:\Program Files\MTC Software\License Manager> find program haspreinstall.bat,and run it then restart MTC again.

05 Can`t install MTC software new version successfully? #

  1. The causation: When Uninstalling software , it is failed to delete all relative files;
  2. Reinstall window7 system ,install MTC program firstly;
  3. Change to another computer and have a try.

06 Will software import and convert scanned images? #

With the optional FastCAM Outline Software you may translate a picture file (.jpg, .bmp, .awg, …) into a .dwg file and then to a cutting program.

07 I currently use solid works (sheet metal), Can FastCAM translate into CNC cutting program? #

If your solid works CAD software may save the file in .dxf extension FastCAM may translate your drawings into CNC cutting programs.

08 What’s The benefit of upgrade the software? #

This upgrade, will allow you to work big art work or nesting files. It increase the memory size from 8Kb to 26 Kb, allowing you 1024 lines program instead of 540 before. Please note, that the loading time will be 20 seconds and when cutting if you want to visualize the cutting shape, it will take 20 seconds as well
(since mid 2007 all CNC cutting machines have the memory upgraded)

09 After a long time cutting, the tip become very hot, what should I do to cool down it? #

Concerning the hot tip problem, the problem leading to self-extinguish the flame, can be observed, after two hours, the flame is becoming unstable and need adjustment of the flow of the cutting oxygen. To cool down the nozzle, I will not recommend to dip it in water….thermal shock. Air blowing is ok. But I must say that two hours of cutting operation is really long. As duty cycle, I must say that 10 min waiting is enough to cool down the tip to avoid this problem.

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