THC for Plasma Cutting Machine Technical Description

Use stepper motor instead of traditional DC motor

ST-THC03A3 PLASMA CUTTING THC is a module designed to control the height automatically for plasma cutting machine, Its design is compact and its structure is rational, which makes it lightweight, small size, and easy to move and with a perfect cost performance.

The ST-THC03 THC for Plasma Cutting machine Torch Height Controller adopts the stepper-motor control technology and subverts the traditional DC-motor height adjusting mode; the new control model is quick and smooth, and greatly increases the product service life.

Integration of Mechanical Lifting Device and Height Controller

The integrated design of detector, controller and driver realizes high integration of plasma cutting machine; the adjusting travel is 10 cm.

All-digital Technology

The circuit adopts the SMT without any adjustable elements; the all-digital technology assures the high reliability of product.

Application in Severe Environment

The closure adopts the air-, interference-, water- and moisture-proof design, is especially suitable for the severe environment of high temperature and high electromagnetic interference of plasma cutting.

Various Interfaces, Easy to Use

The interfaces are simple and easy to control, suitable for all numerical control system of plasma cutting. When cut with flame, you can adjust the height of the torch manually.

Main Technology Parameters #

Power Supply: DC 24V±2 V 3 A
Manual Adjusting Scope: 0~100 mm
Automatic Height Adjusting Control
Scope: 3~30 mm
Automatic Height Adjusting Speed: 3000 mm/min
Control Accuracy: ±0.5 mm
Case Dimension: 155×87×71 mm
Working Environment Temperature:-10~50 ℃
Weight: 1.5 Kg
Detecting System: Arc Voltage Height Detector

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