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Facing the “Price War”, Steeltailor Says “No” to Price Reduction(from

In 2013, a weak economy befell all over the world, many cutting machine manufacturers do not know how and what to do except seeking a way out by reducing the price. At this moment, what is SteelTailor doing?

Others fight in the “Price War”, Steeltailor fight for a better quality
In the past few years, by taking various kinds of means and measures, Steeltailor works on promoting and enhancing its product quality and brand. Series of measures like increasing brand awareness of all employees, strengthening quality control team, adding quality control posts, improving the design, increasing the level of raw materials, improving management of raw material suppliers and controlling outgoing and incoming inspection strictly make Steeltailor prominent and outstanding.

Others fight in the “Cost War”, Steeltailor fight for a better service
Facing the Price War, manufacturers are bound to do everything possible to reduce costs ranging from material, staff to management. Which will inevitably influence the quality.
When other companies focus on costs cutting, by expanding technical services team, hiring European and American engineers, completing and perfecting users technical information, providing more technical training, SteelTailor provides more comprehensive support for the dealers in technical strength.

Others fight in the “Discount War”, Steeltailor builds better channels
When other manufacturers take advantage of each opportunity to promote sales, Steeltailor strengthens its support to global dealers, maintain the market and maintain high quality positioning of SteelTailor together with the global dealers.
Facing the “Price War”, Steeltailor moves forward steadily and surely, making his brand flying with colors by virtue of its Brand Proposition.
This is something worth thinking.


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