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How many exhibitors in SteelFAB Exhibition 2016 ?

SteelFAB Exhibition 2016 will be held in Sharjah,Jan 26-29th,2016.It is coming soon.How many exhibitors attend SteelFAB Exhibition 2016?

There are 1114 exhibitors will attend SteelFAB Exhibition 2016.Exhibitors from all over the world.

SteelFAB 2016 exhibitor list
SteelFAB 2016 exhibitor list


* Indicates regional distributor or agent.

Organisers do not guarantee the complete accuracy of the below list and are not responsible for omission or errors

Based on submission by exhibitors for this edition & repeated information for SF 2015 repeat exhibitors.”

SteelTailor will attend SteelFAB Sharjah Exhibition 2016
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SteelTailor --SteelFAB 2016

SteelTailor will attend the SteelFAB Sharjah Exhibition 2016 as before .

SteelFab is the region’s best trade platform that consistently brings cutting-edge technology from across the world on a single platform .For over a decade, the region’s steel fabrication and metal working industry has relied solely on SteelFab to acquire latest machinery and equipment to improve productivity and efficiency.

SteelTailor is a sponsor of 2015 SteelFAB Sharjah Exhibition .SteelTailor CNC cutting machine attracted visitors with its good cutting ability.

“Mr. Shihada a. Shihada – CEO of Narex ind. Tools &Equip. Displayed various types of high tech metal working machinery at SteelFab.“Fiber laser from Hans Laser was our shining star that got the attention of the visitors with its superb speed and perfection of piercing with its high tech specs.” “YSD Press brake and shearing from LVD technology also got a good chunk of attention with its high reputation from its superb quality and cost effective price”. Finally, our sponsor SteelTailor, whose Plasma attracted visitors with its cutting ability and other range of products.”

SteelTailor is one of the exhibitor.The hall No. is 3-1500. SteelTailor will show our customer G3 gantry cutting machine and CLAYA V-1325 fiber laser cutting machine.





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