How to choose fiber laser cutting machine—IDMLASER CLAYA V

When we purchase fiber laser cutting machine,we consider the performance ,the cutting quality and the after sales service three major elements.There are more and more laser cutting machine manufacturers in the world. How to choose a good CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

The performance and cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

The components of a good fiber laser cutting machine need to be adjusted in high precision. Different prices ,the components are in different quality.Take the laser generator for example.Normally it can work for 100,000 hours. So we must pay attention to it when purchasing.

Assembling technology of laser cutting machines also have a certain impact on the performance.In order to save cost,some manufacturers use thin metal make the laser cutting machine cutting table. Some customer don’t pay attention to it in the first time.The cutting table will be deformed ,so it will affect the cutting quality . A good fiber laser cutting machine should with good quality material and welding process.

In order to increase productivity, customer buy fiber laser cutting machine. So the cutting precision and quality of CNC laser cutting machine affects the profitability of enterprise .DIMLASER CLAYA V-1325 CNC fiber laser cutting machine is an good fiber laser cutting machine .It has 0.06mm/m cutting precision and can cut different material including carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized plate and other sheet metals.

IDMLASER CLAYA V-1325 CNC fiber laser cutting machine
IDMLASER CLAYA V-1325 CNC fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is a high-precision laser cutting machines. In normal operation ,customer will meet some technical problems which cannot be resolved. So manufacturers need to provide good after-sales service Can provide the necessary access to spare parts and technical support in time. SteelTailor After sale Service Center provide our customer 24 hours after sale service.

SteelTailor after sale service team
SteelTailor after sale service team

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