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How to improve CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality?

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CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality description.

The best way to improve plasma cutting machine cutting quality is to improve CNC cutting machine oxygen and acetylene quality.When we use 99% oxygen and acetylene generated in the CNC flame cutting,the cutting quality is usually low, the surface is roughness.The upper edge of the incision melting and hanging slag serious.

When we use gantry CNC cutting machine for flame cutting.Due to the thermal deformation of flame cutting, There is a deeper trace on the workpiece. This trail is often said the cross section traces.

How to improve CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality?

When gantry CNC cutting machine cutting steel more than 30mm,the cutting speed should be set to 20% to 60% of standard speed. If the gantry type CNC flame cutting machine uses the purity of 99.5% or more of liquid oxygen for cutting, the cutting surface quality is also significantly improved.The amount of slag is very small.The cutting speed can be increased accordingly.

If the use of bottled acetylene central gas , due to high purity and pressure stability, cutting problems will not appear discontinuous.

The surface of steel plate is dirty and the gas in the cutting torch is moving smoothly.This will have a greater impact in cutting quality.So the plate in factory should not be put outside. We should clean the cutting torch usually.

When CNC plasma cutting machine cutting 6mm to 30mm steel plate, the cutting speed should be 60% to 90% standard. We should increase the oxygen pressure, increase the pressure to 0. 1MPa ~ 0.3MPa,ensure vertical cutting surface. In this way ,we should improve the cutting quality.

SteelTailor PowerII CNC plamsa cutting machine is an portable CNC cutting machine.


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