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What is MaxThor PP-105S? A High Performance Plasma Cutter


MaxThor PP-105S, the latest Plasma Cutter released to market in September. From the laboratory data and cutting samples, we can tell MaxThor Plasma Cutter is a high performance CNC plasma cutting system.

“We concentrated on making tests in our lab, the result of MaxThor Plasma Cutter is beyond our expectations, just as good as Hypertherm plasma cutter. I recommend the max quality cut of 25mm, clean finish and dross free.” Bill, the engineer said.

MaxThor PP-105S Plasma Cutter indeed matches with high performance consumables, which makes customers easily get optimum cut result. Besides, the expert’s database inbuilt MaxThor Plasma Cutter can provide the best cutting technology for customers, making it a truly high performance CNC plasma cutter.

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