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One machine work as two–Yeah!Legend B5II Economical Table CNC plasma cutting machine

Recently Yeah!Legend,the sister brand of SteelTailor,have released a new model of
table plasma CNC cutting machine–the Legend B5II.

Legend B5II Table CNC plasma cutting machine can cut as thin as 0.3mm,as thick as 22mm!

It is one machine working as two.Legend B5II plasma cutting machine combines the features of Legend B5 and Legend II.It has been developed by the SteelTailor R&D team on the request of the customers.

The coverage of 0.3mm-22mm in thickness is unique in the market.Legend B5II Table CNC plasma cutting machine has three cutting modes.By applying the platen mode, water cooling mode and Arc voltage sensing THC mode, excellent sheet/plate cutting performance can be achieved.Switch among different cutting modes can be done easily by changing the cutting head.

Legend B5II Table CNC plasma cutting machine with a ball design cutting table.The cutting material loading/unloading easier.The Torch holder of Legend B5II table CNC plasma cutting machine is made of steel.The durability is very good.The design of Legend B5II is very simple.The cutting mode switching very easy.

So much advantages. Yeah!Legend B5II will save your time and money.

More information about Yeah!Legend B5II:

More information about SteelTailor.


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