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How to operate table plasma cutting machine in six steps?

table plasma cutting machine

Table plasma cutting machine melts metal by high temperature plasma arc.Plasma cutting machine has advantages of easy operation,high cutting precision. plasma cutting machine can be used in non-ferrous metals, and the cutting surface is smooth and has small deformation.

How to operate table plasma cutting machine in six steps?

  1. Before table plasma cutting machine be put on power,check whether all the switches are off.Whether the rotating switch at the back of the device is in the horizontal position.
  2. Switch on the power supply of the main switch cabinet before turning on CNC cutting machine, so that the two cables are electrically connected.
  3. Move the circuit breaker in plasma cutting machine cabinet to the position of ON.
  4. Use the key open the plasma cutting system control power supply.At the same time, the monitor will appear the main interface.
  5. Turn the rotation switch at the back of the plasma power source 90 degrees to the vertical position, and CNC cutting machine power indicator light is on.
  6. Turn on table plasma cutting machine air compressor , adjust the compressor output pressure at 6.1-8.2Bar;

SteelTailor LegendB5II table plasma cutting machine is an plasma cutting and marking machine.


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