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Portable CNC Cutting Machine had A Bright Market Prospect

1 What is portable CNC cutting machine?

portable cnc plasma cutting machines

The so-called portable CNC cutting machine is a new type cutting machine developed from the basis of the traditional heavy duty cutting machine. In current cutting machine market, Messer is the symbol of heavy-duty. While for the portable cutting machine, Steeltailor is the name in global market. It is particularly noteworthy that Steeltailor’s portable CNC cutting machines have included the portable cantilever cutting machine(honey bee), portable table cutting machine and portable gantry cutting machine. The effective cutting wide has reached 3.5m. Portable CNC cutting machine not only has numeral control function like heavy duty CNC cutting machine, but also light in weight and economical in cost. Therefore, it can completely replace trolley cutting machine, and manual cutting machine in a large quantity, and partially replace the traditional heavy duty CNC cutting machine also. The scope of application is very large, especially suitable for such processing companies in medium and small scale. It has a very bright future in the market.

2 The development history of portable cutting machine and its current market scale.

Since the first portable cutting machine was conceived in 2004, the sale volume of portable cutting machine have been speedy increasing every year, with small and portable as symbols of the portable CNC cutting machine. Until now, there are more than 100 enterprises which have been squeezed in the market. At present, it has formed a market segmentation with a number of 10,000 units and output value of 100 million usd.

3 The design concept of portable CNC cutting machine

The design concept of portable CNC cutting machine is the believing of no need to use heavy duty and expensive machine for non contact type thermal cutting. Traditional heavy duty cutting machine continues to use the design concept for ordinary machinery processing.  Especially decades ago, when CNC cutting machines were born, and when electronic and CNC technology were still underdeveloped, both the control system and the torch height-control device were heavy in weight.  Therefore, large size and heavy weight CNC cutting machines are very popular in the processing industry. Especially in some large scale enterprises and some metal sheet processing centers, such traditional heavy weight cutting machines have been the only choice. Most people also think the CNC cutting machine should be that large size and heavy weight. Actually, CNC cutting machine, whatever it’s flame cutting, plasma cutting or laser cutting, all belong to thermal cutting and non-contact cutting. During the operation, there is always a space between the cutting torch and the metal sheet. The cutting will be done by using the thermal energy from flame, plasma arc or laser beam to make metal oxidation reaction and to create the cut. Due to non-contact, there is no resistance force to the CNC cutting machine at all during the cutting. Therefore, the machine could be designed as the lightweight type and there is no need to require a high self-weight to make sure there is no movement of the machine itself during the cutting process, which is the case for the cold cutting process. In summary, the cutting machine does not need to be a very big and heavy one at all. It just needs a stable table to bear the weight of metal sheet’s self-weight. CNC cutting machine could be light weight type and small in size. With the development of electrical technology and miniaturization of control system, portable cutting machine just take its way. What iPhone today to cellular phone 20 years ago is what portable cutting machine today to heavy cutting machine many years ago, which all are changed a lot of the size, the weight and the functions.

4      contrast in various kinds of cutting machines

manualcutting machineTrolley cutting machinePortableCNC cutting machineHeavy weight CNC cutting machine
PrecisionPoorNormalGoodVery good
SpeedSlowNormalfastVery fast
PriceVery lowLowNormalHigh
WeightVery lightLightNormalVery heavy
Complex shapeNoNoYesYes

The above table shows that it will be a tendency the market of CNC cutting machines substitute for that of manual cutting machines, trolley cutting machines and template cutting machines. With the popularization of Plasma cutting, it makes the CNC cutting machine, especially the portable CNC cutting machine, takes a very good market share.

From 2004 to 2011, the cantilever portable cutting machine had been grown up inChinamarket. During that period, in the global market, the portable CNC cutting machines with Steeltailor as the symbol, is still in the starting stage. With more and more International large companies taking part in, in the following 3 years since 2012, we foresee the portable CNC cutting machine will fully enter into a mature period. And in the future, it will finally replace the manual cutting machines, trolley cutting machines and template cutting machines in a large quantity and partially replace some heavy weight CNC cutting machines also.

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