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Color Screen will be delivered instead of Black and White

Feb. 15th, SteelTailor announces its product upgrading action. All the CNC controllers in her product line will be delivered with a color screen.

The original black and white screen will be provided only for special applications.

This change affects all the new orders and delivery.

Compared to the black/white screen controller, the color screen controller is advanced in the following features:

  1. The manual mode is separated from auto mode. Operation is easier
  2. More convenient for operators to read the input and output as well as the cutting program on the screen.
  3. The installation of an upgrading key makes upgrading easy.
  4. Manual speed is separated from auto speed. More user friendly.
  5. Seven inches in size while the black/white screen is only 5.7 inch in size.

According to SteelTailor, The upgrading will not induce any change in the pricing. There is some minor difference in the user interface, which is defined in the updated user manual.

Together with the change of screen color, the machine color scheme of SteelTailor has changed into pure white with red logo, accordingly.


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