Automatic wire feeder machine




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1.The machine is fully automatic wire feeding machine, with automatic computer stripping machine, eliminating cumbersome manual release cable. Simply put the entire volume of the wire  fixed in line frame, start the motor to send line, automatically shut down when wires loose to a certain extent. Suitable for a variety of peripheral electronic discharge line, cable, sheathed cable, steel wire,tape reel and without wire spool actinomycetes.

2.This machine is compact design, easy setup spool and feed wire, clamping the spool can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.

3.Any form of automatic terminal crimping machine or computer cutting machine can match the host with the wire to make no resistance, and synchronized delivery lines.

4.The machine is controlled independent no need to synchronize with the host , simple operation, easy to apply, can match different manufacturers’ automatic stripping machine;

5.The machine can be modified and customized according to special requirements of customers.




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wire stripping automatic wire feeder machine
Automatic wire feeder machine