SteelTailor NET2100 Remote Cutting Controller

NET2100 is the world ’s first economical remote CNC cutting MCU controller.It can achieve remote control, teaching and technical support through the Internet. Can be widely used in portable CNC cutting machine series, economical gantry and desktop cutting machine series.



NET2100 Remote Cutting Controller with DRAGON III gantry CNC cutting machine.

SteelTailor NET2100 Remote Cutting Controller

SteelTailor NET2100 controller was created to further reduce the training and maintenance of portable or economical CNC cutting machines. For the first time, it enables the single-chip microcomputer control system to be connected to the Internet, and can perform timely control and data transmission. It mainly includes the following components:

1、SteelTailor Tutor x1 Standard software
2、SteelTailor NET2100 controller
3、Data conversion cable from USB to rs232
4、High definition camera(optional)
5、TeamViever software(optional,remote operation requires this software)
SteelTailor remoto control system

Functions of the NET2100 Remote Cutting Controller

  1. Monitor cutting system data
    SteelTailor NET2100 controller can be used to monitor the working state of the CNC system at time, and to diagnose the running state of the preset circuit of the machine.
  2. Remote modification parameter configuration
    Long-distance view of the existing CNC system parameters, and help customers modify the parameters to achieve the purpose of normal operation of the machine.
  3. Remote cutting training
    You can anytime anywhere long-distance guide customers to use cutting machines, for remote teaching.
  4. Process file transfer modification
    Read and modify and transfer the processing file G-code and file name, you can use the computer directly to transfer the processing file into the CNC controller.
  5. Multi-language support
    Accept customization for more languages.


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