SteelTailor Power-E portable CNC cutting machine

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POWER-E quality = better components + strict standard +100% manual inspection
Long service time + high capacity + high precision



Input Power180W
Electric Voltage220V AC/110V AC,   60/50HZ
Cutting ThicknessFlame:5-150mm
Plasma:Depend on plasma soure
Effective Cutting RangeX:1500mm, Y:3000mm
Modes of CuttingFlame or Plasma
Combustive GasOxygen
Combustive Gas PressureMax:1.5MPa
Cutting Speed0-600mm/min(Flame),0-6000mm/min(Plasma)
Total Machine Weight70.5kg
Arc voltage sensing THCOptional
Cutting SoftwareFastCAM Standard version
Power-E portable CNC cutting machine
Power-E portable CNC cutting machine

SteelTailor Power-E portable CNC cutting machine

Easy for maintenance: Separated main engine,machine cover can be removed directly,no wires connected
High quality components and external ports,External ports:Solenoid valve, motor driver, various types of switches and other parts, most of them are obviously superior to similar products.Power-E portable CNC cutting machine

Light weight design for the main engine:Main engine compared with commen design
Fixed motor rack + pinion gearing:Not using universal spring structure, but adding 1-6 hours of debugging time for each set of motors to ensure its running precision and improve service life of components.
Powerful CNC Controller
Built-in library of commoly used figures
Break-point & power-cut restoration
Returning to reference point
Kerf compensation
Mirror image
High quality built-in THC system
For plasma cutting
Stepper motor controls Z axis
Precised transmission system
Anti-electromagnetic interference

Power-E portable CNC cutting machine

2 year warranty  for the whole machine

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