Libellula CNC Cutting Software nesting software

Libellula.Wizard Software solutions for programming laser, plasma, oxyfuel and water jet cutting machines



Libellula.WIZARD nesting software is a CAD/CAM application dedicated to the programming of any type of sheet metal cutting machines.
It allows to directly import DXF/DWG and offers a wide library of parametric patterns to rapidly draw parts for production.
The guided procedure ensures a fast preparation of the machine, without learning efforts.
The production cycle can be displayed before machine start by means of a realistic 3D simulation, in order to verify its compliance with the real cutting process.

Libellula.WIZARD cnc cutting software offers automatic nesting and automatic calculation of the cutting path. The system automatically select and applies the best type and position of lead-ins for any of the parts available on the plate.
Furthermore, all optimal parameters to handle the cutting technology will be automatically compiled thanks to specific parameters tables. This configuration allows any operator to get to a correct programming of the machines in your workshops without any investment efforts that might be required to learn a new system



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