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Say goodbye to POWER portable cutting machine

It is a very sad blog. In fact, in 2018, we have stopped the mass production of POWER portable CNC cutting machine. But some loyal customers are still buying it, so it has been produced to this day. However, I recently encountered a material procurement problem, and we need to purchase 150 sets of aluminum profiles at one time for inventory. And the inventory could be digested in 5 months before 2016, but now it takes 3 years. For the first time we were annoyed by buying a material inventory for a portable cutter

Cheaper or High Quality

It’s a pity that we have lost the say of SteelTailor’s poor portable cutting machine models, although we are one of the creators of portable cutting machines. The market chose a $ 1,000 machine and chose a cheaper model instead of a better quality and longer working life.
An embarrassing fact is that in most cases, SteelTailor’s machine is still working normally after 5 years, but we no longer produce new portable cutting machines, such as POWER, Valiant.
It is the result of a vicious circle where neither customers nor manufactures have winners. In the last three years, China’s cutting machine manufacturers have decreased from more than 800 to less than 300. At a recent industry conference, we knew that number was still getting smaller.
Like many great companies, we maybe didn’t do anything wrong, sometimes just because we insisted on craftsmanship and materials not shrinking, but we will still be abandoned by the market.
Although the SteelTailor portable cutting machine is still on the google first page, We also know how to make a $ 1,000 machine, but we have our own choices.

Thank you for supporting SteelTailor. Goodbye POWER.

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