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SteelTailor delivered a 15 meter long portable gantry machine

SteelTailor is engaged in Cutting and Welding business for nearly 10 years,Just in this year October,SteelTailor delivered a 15 meter long portable gantry CNC cutting machine. The plasma cutting machine can cut 3.5 meter wide.

SteelTailor is the world leader in the portable CNC plasma cutting machine business. It has over 2000 units of portable CNC plasma and flame cutting machines working in every corner of the world. SteelTailor’s portable CNC cutting machines vary from single arm portable CNC cutting machine, table type portable CNC cutting machine, to the lately launched portable gantry CNC cutting machines. With the portable gantry machines , SteelTailor has made its machines’ cutting area increased to 15 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.


“The portable gantry CNC cutting machines have been proven very attractive to users. ” Said Philippe Glaude, the president of SteelTailor.

“Make CNC machines simple and affordable.Make CNC machines as popular for industries as PC for home and offices;
Build world brand.” This is the mission of SteelTailor.

SteelTailor never lays down the quality on the products, we use only the best design to win the market.
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