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SteelTailor–2013 Year of DRAGON machine!

2013 Year of DRAGON machine!SteelTailor Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines launched in the world.

SteelTailor Dragon


SteelTailor, the manufacturer of portable CNC cutting solutions that has its marketing center in American, exhibit DRAGON I in Weld India 2013. SteelTailor’s patented technology of DRAGON I has brought reliable and economical gantry metal cutting solutions to the industry. This has attracted attention in the industry.

DRAGON I has received extensive test from the customers and the market for more than a year since it launched 2011. And now SteelTailor will extend DRAGON I to the world through more than 10 global exhibitions and more than 100 global distributors.

DRAGON I portable gantry cutting machine was designed on the basis of F4 concept, same as the other products of SteelTailor.

Its maximum effective cutting range is 3.5m * 15m with dual drive system, with plasma and flame cutting capability. DRAGON I could satisfy most the cutting needs of the industry, and cost less than half of a traditional gantry machine.


SteelTailor, win the market only by its excellent design and product quality!

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