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portable cnc bench cutting machne smart12.0

Smart I 2.0has been developed from Smart I. The product lounge was done on Jan. 1st, 2013 in a grand function. Smart I 2.0 is one of the miles stones in development strategies of SteelTailor. This type of machine can improve core competitiveness of SteelTailor, and can enrich the product line of SteelTailor.Smart I 2.0 had been R&D by SteelTailor design team. Mr. Liu Ping is the director of R&D department of SteelTailor and his team developed Smart I 2.0 based on Smart I.
Smart I was a major research achievement of SteelTailor. It had taken a lot of years to develop this machine. From the time this product had been in the market, it has received high attention from the customers. Many customers has consulted and purchased this machine and has received large number repeat orders.
Smart I 2.0 advantages are,it is more efficient; it can support flame and plasma cutting; it combined 2 center units in one to improve the stability and performance; it has more stable right-angle setting; and the last, but the best is its price is better. Smart I 2.0 will bring SteelTailor into a new era.


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