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SteelTailor introduced a new economical plasma CNC cutting machine.

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SteelTailor introduced a new economical plasma CNC cutting machine! Cutting thickness: 0.3mm-25mm!

Beijing,China—Feb 9,2013- SteelTailor.USA (Marketing center) will formally launch the new economic type CNC plasma cutting machine for medium thick plates and thin sheet on March of this year.
Dual drive, high speed, laser like finish etc
Effective cutting area: 1500mm*3000mm,
The cutting thickness: 0.3mm-25mm.
Legend III product of yeah! LegendTM, another brand of SteelTailor.Ltd company.
yeah! LegendTM products are different from the product of SteelTailorTM:
Legend III can match large plasma– Hypertherm MAX200;
0.3~25mm wide cutting range;
Using the professional split anti-collision THC system, improved the tracking accuracy of the THC, and simplified the operation.

Before the advent of Legend III, it was difficult to find a cutting machine and at the same time meet the need of plate and sheet cutting requirement of the industry. We are sure our customers will enjoy SteelTailor’s creative design and at the same time appreciate the reduction in their investment cost.
About the Legend III price, to say the least, you can use Legend III as a traditional thick plate cutting machine, but only half of the price paid on a traditional machine.
Our sales director Yan said that Legend III obtained our dealer’s appreciation easily and become the favorite machine; they hope that through Legend III’s price advantage and wide range of industry application will expand their business scope.


SteelTailor never lays down the quality on the products, we use only the best design to win the market.
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