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SteelTailor POWER-ET – the best to use cnc plate tube cutting machine

SteelTailorTM POWER-ET – the best to use CNC plate and tube cutting machine

On March 23, 2018, SteelTailor POWER-ET CNC  tube cutting machine is Officially listed for sale.

CNC plate and tube cutting machine
SteelTailor POWER-ET CNC plate and tube cutting machine

POWER-ET  is an economical, simple cnc plasma rotary tube cutters. The advantage of POWER-ET is that it integrates horizontal, vertical, and rotary tube functions. At the same time, it is equipped with plane nesting software and tube nesting software. Both plane cutting and tube cutting can be performed using nesting software. The operation is very simple. Compared to traditional machines, POWER-ET cnc plasma tube cutting machine improves work efficiency and saves time for you.

SteelTailor POWER-ET cnc pipe cutting machine is one machine but works as two!

Both for metal plate & tube cutting!

Support plasma and flame cutting!

Supports nesting! Two cutting software for free!

Major function of POWER-ET:

square hole cutting; unfold tube cutting and letter cutting;bevel tee junction cutting;Y junction tube cutting; tee junction main tube cutting;tee junction branch tube cutting; branch cutting for multi-tube joint.

SteelTailor POWER-ET CNC plate and tube cutting machine also has the advantages of below:

  1. Easy for maintenance
  2. High quality components and external ports
  3. Servo motor improves cutting efficiency
  4. High quality built-in THC system

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