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SteelTailor says “NO!” to OEM relabeling orders

no OEM-steeltailor portable cnc cutting machines

Feb, 15th, 2012, SteelTailor’s top management made a decision to reject new OEM relabeling orders from dealers. The on-going OEM relabeling business with dealers will be reviewed one by one and will be terminated step by step in the future.

The relevant proposal, aiming to enhance the strength of SteelTailor brand, has been raised by the brand officer and approved by the board with full content. In this critical moment when most companies are struggling for survival against the tough economical situation, it does show an confident, optimistic, firm and courageous strategy from the decision makers of SteelTailor. This decision indicates that SteelTailor has grown mature and ready for its future marketing penetration. It is also a clear sign that SteelTailor has generated sufficient competitiveness and confidence in its overall performance.

It is the mission of SteelTailor team to build a world top brand. Relabeling is not in line with the mission.

What will be a company’s tomorrow, depends on what it is doing today. SteelTailor team believes they are doing the right thing for tomorrow and the global dealers will all benefit together from this decision.

SteelTailor is the world leader in the portable CNC cutting system business. SteelTailor gained its fame in the world’s welding and cutting sector for its continuous innovation and quality in both products and service.

SteelTailor has over 2000 units of portable CNC plasma and flame cutting machines working everywhere in the world. SteelTailor’s portable CNC cutting machines cover the range from singe arm portable CNC cutting machine, table type portable CNC cutting machine, to the lately launched portable gantry CNC cutting machines. With the portable gantry machines , SteelTailor has made its machines’ cutting area increased to 15 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

“Make CNC machines simple and affordable.
Make CNC machines as popular forindustries as PC for home and offices;
Build world brand.” It is the mission of SteelTailor.


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