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SteelTailor Valiant and HyperTherm MAXPRO200 are perfect upgraded


SteelTailor Valiant and Hypertherm maxpro200
portable cnc cutting machines SteelTailor Valiant and Hypertherm maxpro200

     Portable cnc cutting machine SteelTailor Valiant and HyperTherm MAXPRO200 both are upgraded to ensure better Quality of cutting metal. Hypertherm MAXPRO200 combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity. SteelTailor Valiant combines high speeds and range of metal cutting. Compared with oxyfuel,  Cut speeds of HyperTherm MAXPRO200 and pierce times are as much as 7 times faster for maximized productivity. Well, SteelTailor Valiant 2.0 is totally upgraded to ensure the optimized structure for the cantilever type portable machine.
  Significantly lowers operating of HyperTherm MAXPRO200 cost per part up to 50 mm (2″). SteelTailor Valiant Cutting Thickness  equipment with HyperTherm MAXPRO200 6mm-150mm, The spring follow-up device is removed in SteelTailor Valiant 2.0. improves the precision and lifetime of the machine.
    SteelTailor Valiant equipment with HyperTherm MAXPRO200 will be a best choice of Low operating cost, Do more with less power and high quality by SteelTailor Valiant and HyperTherm MAXPRO200. Both SteelTailor Valiant and HyperTherm MAXPRO200 with Reliable performance: During development, SteelTailor Valiant and HyperTherm MAXPRO200 endure rigorous reliability testing procedures and Professional R&D team Detect, in HyperTherm MAXPRO200, as well as SteelTailor Valiant, there is a Self-diagnostics are performed automatically at startup and continually throughout the cutting process.
  MAXPRO200 and SteelTailor Valiant follow high Quality standards in there manufacturing Quality Assurance, MAXPRO200 is ISO 9001: 2000 certified and Portable CNC cutting machine of SteelTailor is designed with respect to the ISO standards. Warranty period for HyperTherm MAXPRO200 and SteelTailor Valiant  is for 2 years.

Other Characteristics:
  SteelTailor Valiant are low operating cost, the same as HyperTherm MAXPRO200, SteelTailor Dragon CNC cutting machine structure is made out of drawn aluminum making it light weight and strong, advance structure design allows reduction in wear and tear.
  HyperTherm MAXPRO200 use Advanced consumable technologies to increase the life of the consumables and reduce cost per part.

   The MAXPRO200 is built with less than half the
number of internal parts compared to other systems
on the market. Fewer parts provide greater reliability
and serviceability.

The fastest cut speeds of maxpro200 in its class produce more
finished parts per hour.

The spring loaded drive motor system, which is commonly applied in the gantry type cutting machines, was introduced in the Valiant 1.0 series. The spring system has been proven not so suitable for the cantilever type machine. Valiant 2.0 is totally upgraded to ensure the optimized structure for the cantilever type portable machine.

Demo video SteelTailor Valiant

 source: Hypetherm maxpro200

          SteelTailor Valiant

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