Will Super Definition Plasma Cutting Machine Bring a Revolution to Thick Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

 Super Definition plasma cutting machine has a great name of Beyond X-1530EL, bearing the task of bringing a revolution to thick metal laser cutting machine. … Read more

How Super Definition Plasma Cutting Machine Played a Role in Application Area of Kjellberg Contour Cut

Super Definition plasma cutting machine is described as better than high definition plasma cutting in the column of New Announcement at CNCzone.com. A registered member … Read more

Will Super Definition Plasma Cutting Machine Bring a Revolution to Thick Laser Cutting Machine?

 Super definition plasma cutting machine has a great name of Beyond X1530EL, bearing the task of bringing a revolution to thick laser cutting machine. From technical features of super definition plasma cutting machine, we can see a promising market, comparing to market demand of thick laser cutting machine. Super definition plasma cutting machine enjoys cutting thickness of 1 to 40mm, completely reaching the requirement of thick laser cutting machine. Therefore, super definition plasma cutting machine is even matchable to high-performance thick laser cutting machine, which enables outstanding cutting quality. Speak to cutting functions, super definition plasma cutting machine enjoys cutting holes with diameter to thickness ratio of 1:1 as Hypertherm Hyperformance system features. With recommended cutting thickness of 5 25mm when cutting holes, super definition plasma cutting machine is comparable to Hyperformance for bringing maximized productivity and unmatched reliability. By the way, the cost of super definition plasma cutting machine is more than 50% of thick laser cutting machine. Will super definition plasma cutting machine bring a revolution to thick laser cutting machine? More information pls visit: http://www.steeltailor.com/for_sale/index/id/TureShape%20high%20definition%20plasma%20cutting%20machine.html http://www.steeltailor.com/blog/will-super-definition-plasma-cutting-machine-bring-revolution-thick-laser-cutting-machine/ http://www.cnczone.com/forums/news-announcements/225430-super-definition-plasma-cutting-machine-upgrades-high.html?posted=1#post1503766

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