SteelTailor Portable CNC cutting machine–Dragon I

SteelTailor Dragon I-Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines

Portable Gantry!
Cut as wide as 3.5m(11feets )!
Dual drive, more stable!
Easy installation!
Portable Gantry?
As précised and stable as a traditional Gantry!
Cut as wide as 3.5 meters (11 feets) !
Easy installation and adjustment by users!

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SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine–SmartⅡ

SteelTailor,engaged in portable cnc cutting machine,totally has four brands:they are SteelTailor TM,Yeah!Legend TM,IDM TM,IDM LASER TM.
Last time,we introduced SteelTailor Power Portable cnc cutting machines ,now its Smart Series’ Smart II’turn.

SteelTailor Portable CNC cutting machines  .

Smart II—- Portable Table CNC Cutting Machines

Everything of a Table CNC and more!

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SteelTailor introduced a new economical plasma CNC cutting machine.

Cutting thickness: 0.3mm-25mm.


Beijing,China—Feb 9,2013

SteelTailor.USA (Marketing center) will formally launch the new economic type CNC plasma cutting machine for medium thick plates and thin sheet on March of this year.
Dual drive, high speed, laser like finish etc
Effective cutting area: 1500mm*3000mm,
The cutting thickness: 0.3mm-25mm.

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Coming Soon–SteelTailor Smart III



SteelTailor will usher  the new member Smart III soon! SteelTailor’s  portable CNC cuttting machine  family members will be more and more !

Smart III is the upgrade version of  SteelTailor Smart I which designed by SteelTailor creative design center on the basis of  Smart I and  it will be launched in the first quarter of 2013.

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