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What’s the difference of CNC laser cutting machine and flame cutting machine?

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CNC laser cutting machine and flame cutting machine are two kinds of metal cutting. What’s the difference between CNC laser cutting machine and flame cutting machine?

CNC laser cutting machine combined light ,mechanical ,electrical integration ,integrated technologies together. Laser cutting machine use laser bean instead of traditional mechanical knives.

Laser cutting machine cutting speed is very high. The cutting precision is high. The cutting cost is lower than other kind of cutting method. The cutting head of laser cutting machine will not contact the workpiece . The cutting metal surface is very smooth. Don’t need any subsequent processing.

CNC laser cutting machine fit for sheet metal cutting. The thickness below 0.1mm to 20mm. It is also according to laser cutting machine power. Laser cutting machine can cut metallic materials and some non-metallic materials according to the laser power.

Flame cutting machine is one of the oldest thermal cutting methods. The cutting thickness from 1mm to 1.2 meters. If you need to cut low-carbon steel plate thickness below 20mm, you need to choose other kind of cutting methods, such as laser cutting machine.

Flame cutting machine the cutting cost is low. It is one of the most economical cutting method when cutting thick metal. Flame cutting machine can’t cutting sheet metal plate. Flame cutting the heat-affected zone to be much larger. So the thermal deformation is larger.

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