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What’s the functions of Yeah!LegendB5II table plasma cutting machine


legend B5II CNC plasma cutting machine

Yeah!LegendB5II table plasma cutting machine is an economical CNC table plasma cutting and marking machines.

B5II table plasma cutting machine is an multi-purpose machine. It is very easy to deal with multi-processing needs.B5II plasma cutting machine can cut sheet as thin as 0.3mm and as thick as 22mm.

B5II CNC table plasma cutting machine can also marking metals with 2200mm/min.B5II is able to achieve high quality CNC marking function for hard materials to draw lines marking. Compare with the laser,the cost ,marking format,process control,and marking depth of LegendB5II has a distinct advantage.Marking depth adjustable functions to draw lines, the greater the pressure,the deeper draw lines.B5II can also work as oxy-fuel cutting. The cutting thickness is 5 to 25mm.

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