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What’s the three cutting methods of CNC laser cutting machine

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There are three cutting methods of CNC laser cutting machine.


  1. CNC laser cutting machine melt cutting method

In laser cutting machine melting cutting method. The workpiece is partially melted. Then the molten material is flowed by the air flow. This process is called CNC laser melting cutting method.

The material is melted by the laser beam. Then the melted material is flowed away by the high purity inert gas. The gas doesn’t participate in cutting.

  1. CNC laser cutting machine vaporization cutting.

In CNC laser cutting machine vaporization cutting , the material surface temperature rose to the boiling temperature is fast enough to avoid melting. So part of the material is vaporized into steam disappeared . Part of the material flowed away by the auxiliary gas. The power of vaporization laser cutting machine must be very big.

  1. CNC laser cutting machine oxide melt cutting (laser flame cutting)method

In melting cutting, CNC laser cutting machine using inert gas. If we use oxygen or other active gas, the material is lighted by oxygen and laser beam. The material is cutting by laser beam and oxygen or other active gas. It is called laser cutting machine oxidation melting cutting.

Due to this effect, for the same thickness of steel, oxidation melting cutting effect is lower than melting cutting. CNC laser flame cutting will generate a wider kerf and obvious roughness. The heat affected zone increased and more poor edge quality.

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