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What’s the working Principle of portable CNC cutting machine?—SteelTailor

cutting machine-2015.9.22

Portable CNC cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine which can be carried from place to place by two person. The working principle of portable CNC cutting machine is the digital program drive the machine moving. The cutting tool on the machine will cutting when the machine is moving. This Mechatronics cutting machines called CNC cutting machine

There are several kinds of portable CNC cutting machine: portable flame CNC cutting machine, portable plasma CNC cutting machine, portable gantry CNC cutting machine, portable table CNC cutting machine

Portable CNC cutting machine should match with plasma cutters when cutting. Programs be draw in the computer, CNC cutting machine will cut as the picture in the computer when cutting.Good portable CNC cutting machine can match with high definition plasma cutters .So it can cut high quality samples.

SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine is in high quality. Can match with all the top brand plasma cutters.Such as Hyperthern plasma cutter ,Victor plasma cutters. And many other kind of plasma cutters.


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