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When we need to clean cutting torch of CNC cutting machine?

SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine
SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine can cut all the metal material in the world.CNC cutting machine is widely used in metal cutting industry. Some CNC cutting machine have two cutting torches. Cutting in high efficiency.

When CNC cutting machine cutting for a long time, it will meet some problems on the cutting torches. Such as the cutting torches stop make arc or can’t make it on fire. The cutting torch may be serious jammed by splash or other things. The gases can’t get through the cutting torches. Some operators don’t clean the torches since buying CNC cutting machine.

CNC cutting machine cutting torch need to be cleaned once a month or tow. The cutting torches need to be changed when necessary.

SteelTailor CNC cutting machine is in high quality. SteelTailor is the world leader of portable CNC cutting machine.

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