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Yeah!LegendTM B5II Economical Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Recently ,SteelTailor have manufactoried a Economical Table CNC plasma cutting machine—Yeah! Legend B5II.

Yeah! Legend B5II is a table CNC plasma cutting machine can work as two machines! Why? Pls see following features:

The cutting thickness of Yeah! Legend B5II CNC Plamsa cutting machine is 0.3–22mm. So powerful!

Yeah! Legend B5II CNC cutting machines have three modes of cutting :water jacket,platen,arc voltage sensing THC.

The cutting table of Yeah! Legend B5II  plasma cutting machine is with ball desgin.The cutting material loading/unloading is easier.

The THC of Yeah! Legend B5II plasma cutting equipment is made with Arc voltage sensing THC,The plasma cutting performance is very fine.

The distance between THC and cutting table of  Yeah! Legend B5II plasma cutting device is adjustable and can match with different torches.

The torch holder of  Yeah! Legend B5II Economical Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is made of steel, very good durability.

The design of Yeah! Legend B5II  Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is very simple, the cutting mode switching very eary.

So much advantages of Yeah!LegendTM B5II Economical Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine . Your choose is right!



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