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Yeah!Legend B5II Plasma Cutting Machine, the Plasma Table for Sale at SteelFAB

Yeah!Legend B5II plasma cutting machine was displayed as a plasma table for sale at SteelTailor booth Hall 3 Booth 1500 SteelFAB, attracting lots of customers, becoming the most popular cnc plasma table at SteelTailor sponsored booth.

Cutting sample of Yeah!Legend B5II plasma cutting machine

Yeah!Legend B5II plasma cutting machine is the most powerful and practical plasma table for sale among Legend series economical plasma cutting machine, cutting as thin as 0.3mm, as thick as 22m. Besides, modular design of Yeah!Legend B5II table plasma cutting machine makes this cnc plasma table transfer easily from thin plate cutting mode to thick one

Fine cutting samples fabricated by Yeah!Legend B5II plasma cutting machine were presented at SteelFAB Hall 3, Booth 1500, deserving the title of “most popular plasma table for sale”.

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